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The Night Vultures (A.K.A The Noctus Volchoris) are a successor chapter to the Raven guard founding Legion. Unlike there gene sire's chapter, the Night Vultures are Non codex compliant, abiding by many traditions and rules that is not suggested in the Primarch of the XIII's codex. Another irregular detail to the Noctum Militia is that there ranks are filled entirely with Primaris space marines, supply'd by The Magos Belasarius Cawl after the Ultima Founding.

The Night Vultures style of warfare is similar to there Founding chapter's in many ways. They Make use of infiltration and scouting tactics and are renown for there skills in forming ambushes.


When the Magos Belasarius Cawl announced his project of the Primaris space marines in the 41st milenium, he kept secret the fact he had allready sent a few "scout" subjects on ahead.

Eventually the world of Etherus Prime was called out by a member of the Inquisition to be targeted for exterminatus. The world was still, unlike Terra which span upon it's axis,this combined with it's only sun being incredibly weak and close meant that the planets atmosphere was insatiably hot on one side and Deathly Cold on the other with a 12,000 mile wide band between them of liveable area. Etherus had a large and brooding Ork population like many other planets in the system, but the difference with Etherus was that there was no value in it, every other planet housed valuable materials such as Adamantium but Etherus was nothing but a useless rock. This was why Inquisitor Stubbin of the Ordo Xenos saw it only fit to purge the planet and quell any chance of further Ork invasions in the Solar system.

Before the Inquisitor had organised fully for the planet to be destroyed he was aproached by the Magos himself. After much convincing the Inquisitor allowed the magos to use this planet to experiment on, Stubbin would have pushed for further information but had no time as the other invasions in the system were filling his mind.

Belasarius sent the three test specimens down to the planet in three seprate pods, with nothing but a chip to alert him if they were to perish. He intended for the three pods to land far enough away from one another that they would not meet intially but close enough so that they did not fall to far to either of the two deadly sides of the planet. Pod A and B dropped perfectly in place, however pod C passed through a miniature asteroid field on its way down to the planet, it's course altered the pod continued down into the atmosphere. Pod's A and B landed 90 miles apart in the immense jungle that made up 80% of the habitable are on the planet, Pod C landed in the sandy wastes to the East of the planet.

Etheeren Therograth

Eithereen Therograth emerged from his drop pod high in the canopy of the trees, he spent months hunting small animals amongst there branches until eventually he discovered a population of Human Beings living in large settlements linked between the trees. Eithereen met with there chief and using basic forms of communication (Sign language, gestures, Etc) he described who he was and showed the tribesmen his pod a mile or two from the town.

After many months Eithereen began to be respected and even revered by the people for his immense strength and comradeship. He allowed the people to excel making them to technologically advance years faster than they should have. Eventually he was lifted to High Chief. His first command was to retake the ground.

Eithereen and a group of select warriors ventured down to the ash ridden jungle floor and spent weeks travelling it fighting mighty fauna and flora alike.

Izarius Aries

The Second brother's pod dropped deep between the trees into the ash lands below. When his pod eventually opened he managed to crawl out from under the ash that made up the floor of the forest. Eventually after days of travelling the undergrowth of the forest he encountered a tribe of people living in an enormous crater inside of one of Etherus's gargantuan trees (the trees are extremely tall and brawd due to them having to gather as much of the light as possible and also due to the ignirite which burns at there trunk see below) Izarius was welcomed amongst the people since they saw him as an equal.

The tribesmen who lived on the ground level of the immense forests were far more advanced than those who lived above as they had access to more food more sturdy materials and much more space to expand, however all of this came at of the extremely dangerous animals, plants and even minerals that lurked and gathered in the lower areas of the trees.

Ignirite was one such mineral which could be dangerous. This stone so far only located on Etherus prime itself is one with extremely strange property's. Firstly it is only described as a stone / mineral as it shares many property's however the stone's specific attributes could not function without oxygen and some secondary lifeforms (bacteria, etc). In it's early stages Ignirite is a dull red colour and is very soft, at this stage it can be touched with no ill affects. However as granules gather the bacteria previously described grow to large enough numbers that they begin to eat away at the outer edges of the stone leaving patches revealing the much harder crystalline material beneath. This material begins to com bust aggressively letting of the oxygen inside of it and releasing only the Ignirite molecules which are then caught by the wind and is carried off again to catch on another surface and begin the whole process again.

The people of the ashlands (Named so from the ash that gathered from all of the burning trees due to the Ignirite) used the stone as a way to make fire and cook foods. However when Izarius arrived he began to test with the stoe

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